Tips for sing

Everyone likes to sing, so that television programmes and music contests are so popular. To carry out this activity is necessary for professor transcribe phrases, create an urn, select videos and audios of the different accents of the Brazilian regions previously and make your lessons 4 curriculum for the execution of this activity.

Meet not only recognition of alphabet letters, and Yes, we understand the evolution of written as: a) the pictographic (figurative drawing), b) ideographic (representation of ideas without indication of the sounds of words), c) music (representation of the sounds of words).

Another major challenge for this specialist is aware of the difficulties presented by the teacher, which holds only the content to be taught, but not with the educational and methodological assumptions of the system: how to teach, that is, it dominates but content lacks theoretical and educational grants, inherent in the teaching learning process.

Master and expert on Brazilian Vocal music from ECA-USP, has been requested by Brazilian composers for the interpretation of their respective works, like Gilberto Mendes, Villani cuts, Eduardo Escalante, Ronaldo Miranda, both as a soloist singer as the preparation and direction of choirs and vocal groups.

Betine (2005) Pedagogical political project you think shows the macro vision of the school institution to idealize, your goals, making goals and strategies, both with regard to their educational activities, such as administrative functions.

The studio for singing lessons in SP offers special conditions for student truly learn music quickly and efficiently, because classes are held in studios for rehearsals for bands, with all the necessary equipment, always available.

The playful culture is a set of facts and act on your range should be produced at school according to level of educators, the habits, the spatial conditions, always checking the child’s interest, the present, and even same jokes that are in fashion, como cantar bem.

If you do not find that the techniques are the best or if you don’t feel that course is changing for the better your Corner or if you simply don’t like any thing, just send a single email to the support and up to 48 hours to fully return value of course.

New teaching-learning model proposes that teacher leaves role of content transmitter to become a researcher; Theory and practice are not separable, because appropriate relationship with the practice occurs by means of theoretical assumptions.

These categories of experiences can be grouped into three basic modes: namely, playing make-believe or with papers, considered as a fundamental activity, which originate from all the others, playing with building materials and play by the rules.

Point here is: with this action you will train your reading “and your writing” at the same time that sharpens your curiosity and learn not to be too lazy to search for new information when you encounter something that you haven’t learned yet.

If program is called The artist of course Lucy kkkkk Brazil would win (despite your excessive regionalism well boring) because it is the most complete, no doubt But as we’re talking about The voice (voice) Brazil and the other 3 stood out more than she does in this regard, I think it’s only fair result como ter uma voz afinada.

After this brief look at intimacy with God, we can envision that such relationship is in a dimension that not only summarizes go to church every day of worship, to contribute with tithing, singing hymns or spiritual songs, to be leader of the young people, of men, women, the Ministry of praise, being a teacher of Sunday School, Deacon or Deaconess , or even herding particular Church.